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Understand How Mortgage Interest Rates Are Determined

Every potential homeowner wants to get the lowest interest rate for their mortgage loan, but not everyone understands the factors that go into determining your mortgage interest rate. In addition to your credit score, lenders will use the following factors…

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What Is A HELOC   Find out what a HELOC is and take advantage of our HELOC promotion going on now.

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Mortgage loan agreement application with house shaped keyring;

How Much Home Can I Afford?

Buying a home can be an exciting time. It’s also a significant decision that should be carefully thought through. Before you begin looking for a home, there are 3 things to consider before you sign anything: Actual cost vs. Monthly…

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refinance your mortgage

Refinance Your House

You might be one of many Americans who could benefit from refinancing your home. About 3 million borrowers could save at least $200 a month by refinancing. By refinancing and locking in a better rate on your loan, you could…

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What Newbie Home Buyers Need to Know

Buying your first house is an exciting time, but it can be a little scary as well. To minimize your anxiety, the following will help you prepare for your first meeting with a loan officer. Know your credit report Go to and get your credit…

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