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photo of young friends window shopping

Shopping After Christmas? Here are great things to buy at discounted prices.

Christmas is over and the stores are full of great deals. Most everyone knows that now is the time to stock up on Christmas decor, wrapping paper or cards for next year, but there are many other items with deep discounts this week.

Skip the return lines and head on over to the clearance aisle. This week is the best time to find deals on clothing. Jackets, scarves, undergarments and boots are great items to buy at discounted prices.

Many stores also start their semi annual sales at this time. Check out stores like Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret for great deals on body sprays, candles and gift sets.

Small appliances, HGTV’s, exercise equipment and video games are also great items to find at discounted prices this week.

Shopping now for a future holiday is a great idea. Think of things such as teacher gifts, upcoming birthdays or weddings.

Just remember, it’s easy to want to overspend when you find great deals, so set a budget and stick to it.

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