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Youth Savings Account

Sammy’s Savings Club offers:

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Sammy's Savings Club

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is to prepare them to be responsible, empowered adults around money.”– Author Unknown

Teaching kids about financial literacy early in life is key to helping them develop lifelong, healthy money habits that make their dreams possible. Unfortunately, financial literacy education often does not get the attention it deserves, and when it comes to important money matters, helping kids learn healthy habits early is better than leaving them to learn from costly mistakes.

Youth accounts are the first step in teaching our kids to  have financial success as adults.

Here are a few advantages of opening a youth account:

  • Develops good savings habits at a young age.
  • Reinforces basic math skills.
  • Teaches kids financial responsibility at an early age.
  • Teaches kids the value of money….and that it doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Helps teach them to set goals and save for the things they want.

Only a small deposit of $10 is needed to open and maintain the account. Dividends are paid monthly, which helps the account “grow”. To open a youth account,  parent/guardian must:

  • Have minor’s birth certificate and social security card.
  • Be joint on the account.
  • Have 2 forms of ID and Social Security card.

Acceptable forms of Primary ID include:

  • Louisiana State Driver’s License or ID & Social Security Card
  • Passport & Social Security Card
  • Military ID & Social Security Card

Acceptable forms of Secondary ID include:

  • Credit Card
  • Work ID, etc.

** Offer valid April 1st – June 30th. Available for GNO FCU members between Kindergarten and 12th grades. Qualifying report cards must be submitted within 30 days from the date of issue. No back rewards available for prior semesters or marking periods. Limit of $5 per “A “, not to exceed $20 rewarded for the promotion period. Deposits will be made to the youth account within 3 business days of report card submission.

We have partnered with Zogo, a mobile app that teaches you financial literacy, and rewards you for doing so!

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