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GNO FCU is Helping Members Affected by the Government Shutdown

Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union is ready to assist its members affected by government shutdown. While we are hopeful our elected officials will find a timely resolution to this issue, we will remain focused on serving our members working for the federal government.

GNO FCU encourages its members to reach out if they need immediate assistance by giving us a call at 504.454.8224.


Who is eligible for the Government Shutdown Relief Loan?

Members who are federal employees or federal benefit recipients may be eligible for the Shutdown Relief Loan once their normal pay schedule is interrupted.


What type of relief is being offered?

Those who qualify are eligible for a short-term loan up to $2000 with a repayment term of up to twelve months, with no payment due for the first 90 days. Rate reductions and other discounts may apply. Proof of payment interruption is required to apply.


The following terms and conditions apply to this Shutdown Relief Loan: Only those who have an established history of federal payroll direct deposit and have recently been impacted by the government shutdown are eligible to apply. The Shutdown Relief Loan will be based on members’ federal payroll direct deposit history and may be subject to approval. Interest will accrue during 90 day deferment. Prior to the funding of the Shutdown Relief Loan, members will receive additional disclosures to review before accepting the loan. Certain restrictions apply.

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