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Tax Season

Find the Right Tax Preparer

When you have a specific health problem, you see a specialist, right? This tax season, look for select specialties in your tax preparer, recommends Pete Sepp, President of National Taxpayers Union, Alexandria, Va. Sepp offers the following tips: Don't procrastinate.…

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money black hole

Bad Money Habits and How to Fix Them

Learning how to use money wisely is an essential skill that isn’t always taught to us as children. Some of us pick up bad money habits on our journey to adulthood. Often, we’re just not being mindful of where our…

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Picture of Jar filled with coins with the word emergency written on it

Emergency Savings Starter Kit

An emergency savings account is an excellent way to protect you from life’s inevitable surprises, like an unexpected home repair, medical bill, or if you lose your job. Building an emergency savings account is easier if you automate your savings.…

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picture of a brown lunch bag

Easy Way to Save – Pack a Lunch

Saving money can be difficult for some people. They feel like there just isn’t enough to spare at the end of the month to put into a savings account. But by making small changes to your spending habits, you’ll see…

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